Inexorably stupid.

2009/02/25 at 04:45 (Twisted but true)

Alright kids, have you ever seen something so blatantly idiotic; so epically, melodically stupid that after you wiped the poop from your pants, you just had to put your fist through something with bones in it? Yes. I feel that way, constantly. Can’t people just advertise their stupidity so I can avoid it like the plague?


So anyway, I’m Lou. I do Data Entry at the CVS in Natick. I deal with the most insufferable, ass-backwards, morons that one human would be forced to interact with on an everyday basis. You have new insurance? Yes, it’s been ten minutes since your new insurance company has activated your membership? Well, I can tell you now that you can take this pink temporary insurance card and dragon punch it right up your ass. No, you do not know more about your insurance company than I do. Yes, you can call them right now, just get the fuck away from me so I can take the next ungrateful douche behind you.

Do you ever wonder what it would be like if people knew exactly what was wrong with them?


Yeah, something like that.



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