Linux Class

2009/03/19 at 04:40 (Twisted but true)

I’ve finally woken up from my comatose state and turned Street Fighter 4 off. They tell me St. Patrick’s day came and went. It’s a shame really, I do so love that Holiday. Who wouldn’t enjoy St. Patrick’s day? Obviously, it’s all about the religious and ethnic pride of being Irish! I, myself, am not Irish but even I feel pride that this respectful and advanced people have their own holiday with which they can connect with those around them and show the world that there is something special and good in being a child of Ireland.


Anyway, tonight was Linux Administration at good old ITT in Norwood. My arrival was nothing short of magnificent as usual, a swift kick to the door and the always jolly “Moshi moshi, bitches.” seemed to suffice. Alas, this is where the good times seemed to end. Another pointless and dreadfully droll night of failure lay before me, spread eagle, and begging me to partake of it’s decident lose.

rhel2preview1Needless to say, the often impressively incompitant teacher seemed tobe taken aback by the fact that without her guidence, students may make mistakes. These mistakes are similar to a young highschool slut with genital herpies. The mistake is well known, but for some reason, it continues, unannounced, oozing and infectious. And, like that High School slut, without proper guidence, it may lead to hours upon hours of wasted class time fixing simple errors.

However, we realize that unlike a High School Harlot, it is far simpler to fix inconsistencies in Linux programming than it is to get a Hooker-In-Training to stop sucking dick.


Yeah, that’s about it.


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